Anti-Valentine’s Day Reads

Tomorrow is the dreaded V-Day and you don’t have a date!? It’s just an overrated, commercialized holiday created by big corporations to make you spend money anyway.  Check out these un-romantic reads:


Enchanted by Althea Kontis                                                                             Everyone knows the enchanted frog is supposed to turn into Prince Charming once you kiss him, right?  Wrong!  He could turn into a man despised by your entire family. And when your name is Sunday on top of it all, you may as well give up on finding love.

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Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler                                                            When Min and Ed break up, Min puts together a box full of items that explain why. Daniel Handler also goes by Lemony Snicket on occasion, making this book even cooler.

index (2)Tag Along by Tom Ryan                                                                                           Let’s take a breather from romance, fast forward to Junior Prom and the adventures of four strangers who quickly become friends. Andrea is grounded and desperately would like to go to prom, Paul is having a panic attack, Roemi has been stood up, and Candace is on the run from the cops. I’d take friindex (3)ends over love any day!

A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness                                                                        You can’t get any more Anti-Valentine’s Day than a creepy tale of a monster who visits Conor every night.  Perfect for the day before Valentine’s, which just so happens to be Friday the 13th this year.

index (4)Paper Towns by John Green                                                                              …Because you can never go wrong with John Green. He is the King of Teen Fic and must never be criticized. Okay I’m rambling. *Disclaimer* Papertowns does start off with romance. However, it will make you question how well you think you know your highschool crush. It’s also an all-encompassing, spellbinding read about an epic road trip that you can curl up with and just read-away Valentine’s Day.

Enjoy your Anti-Valentine’s Day reading! All of these books are available to borrow at the Kingston Frontenac Public Library. Share your favourite un-romantic reads in the comments.



Viva Voce is Back!

KFPL and Blue Canoe Theatre Company have partnered once again to bring you the next installment of Viva Voce.  This time the theme is Passions!  We are looking for youth ages 13-30 who are storytellers, dancers, jugglers, musicians, & more to participate.  Check out our call for performers here.

Not sure what Viva Voce is all about?  Check out this documentary made by Queen’s film students:

Read Canadian!

There are so many amazing Canadian teen books out there.  I’d like to highlight one in particular, the winner of this year’s Governor General Literary Awards for the category of Children’s Literature: “When Everything Feels Like the Movies” by Raziel Reid.

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I read this book cover to cover, in one sitting.  It’s a heartbreaking, hilarious, and honest account of an openly gay teen living in an intolerant town.  The main character, Jude, is a show-stopper, and deals with excruciating cruelty by pretending that he’s a reality TV star.  The bullies at school are his “fans”.  Raziel Reid is a debut author and is only 23 years old!  He lives in Vancouver, B.C.  Check out this amazing book at KFPL.


Best Teen Books of 2014

The holidays are coming up and you need to plan your reading list!  Here are a few websites to check out:

Publisher’s Weekly is a news magazine that focuses on books, books, books.  They just came out with their top teen fic picks of 2014!

Goodreads Choice Awards – if you haven’t voted already, there are two categories for teen books, Best YA Fiction & Best YA Sci Fi and Fantasy.

Amazon Top Twenty – check out the best-selling teen reads of the year!

AND, for a tried and true, Teen Librarian-recommended read, these are my favourites of 2014:

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YALSA Teens’ Top Ten

Looking for a good teen read?!  The Young Adult Library Services Association just released their Teens’ Top Ten List for 2014.

You can check out the full list here!


Teen Read Week


I hope everyone is having a great school year!  October 12-18 is Teen Read Week so I’m going to offer up some prizes.  Comment with a short review of a book you’ve read recently.  Give us a star rating out of 5 (5=loved it, 1=hated it) and at least 3 sentences why you rated it the way you did.  For each book you review, you’ll get a chance to win a book prize.  You have until Monday, Oct 20!

Other TRW Happenings:

1) Vote for your favourite book of 2014 in the Young Adult Library Services Association Teen’s Top Ten here!  The winners will be announced next week.

2) Movie Night TONIGHT at Calvin Park 4-6.  Join us for a movie and snacks.

3) Viva Voce: Fears – Join us on October 21 from 7-9 for a youth, coffeehouse-style storytelling event.  This event is FREE.  Check it out on Facebook.


Week 8: The End

Last week of TSRC!  Here at the Library we just want to say how much we’ve enjoyed your contributions.  You have until September 1 to go back and do any challenges you have missed.  The four grand prizes will be drawn on September 2.  Friends can still join at any time before Sept 2.  Good luck!

Challenge 1:  Star Rating

This is your chance to tell us how much you liked :-) or hated :-( TSRC this year.  Your feedback is SO important and will help us figure out how we are going to do this next year.  Click here to do our online survey and then comment and let us know you completed it.  The actual survey part will be anonymous so please tell us everything you’re thinking – both the good and the bad!

Challenge 2: Sumread-341027_640mer Scenes

What’s your favourite thing about summer?  Draw us a picture, take a photo, or just tell us about the very best summer moments of your life.

Challenge 3:  Photoshopped

This is a chance for your photo-editing skills to shine! Use a photo (from the Public Domain, not one of yourself or any other minor under 18) and alter is so that it is suddenly an advertisement for the Kingston Frontenac Public Library OR pop a pic of someone into a different, totally unexpected picture (again not a pic of you or someone you know).

Challenge 4: Cool Schools

I know, I know, I’ve just mentioned the “S” word and now you’re about to exit out of the internet, BUT you have to face reality, the school year is almost upon us.  Fiction is full of unusual schools offering strange subjects…ever wished you could take Herbology at Hogwarts?  Even though summer is almost over, we can daydream a little longer.  What subject do they wish they taught at your school?

Challenge 5: Read!

Comment and tell us how many hours you spent reading this week.  Here are some books about schools that are much more interesting than yours:


Book Business

It’s Week 7 and you’re now in the home stretch for the grand prize!  Don’t forget to go back and do as many challenges as you can to win.  It’s also not too late for your friends to sign up and you get an extra chance to win for every friend you refer, just comment and tell us which of your friends you bugged enough to join.  Good luck!   

Challenge 1:  Franchise It!

The Giver comes to the big screen this Friday and you can actually buy Giver-themed nail polish to wear to the movies!  Your challenge is to create book-related swag that you wish existed.  Describe it, draw it, make it at home and take a pic – up to you.  Other examples– Bertie Botts’ Every Flavour Beans & Mockingjay pin.

Challenge 2: Name that Dino

Our poor little TSRC dino mascot doesn’t have a name!  Suggest one for him.  BONUS BOOK PRIZE IF THE NAME YOU SUGGEST IS SELECTED!

Challenge district6poster3:  Dress it Up

The Mockingjay movie is coming out this fall, and as you all know, the costumes are a bigpart of the story (Girl on Fire!).  For this challenge you’re going to design an outfit for one of the characters – draw it, or if you’re really ambitious, make the real deal and send us a picture.  If you’re not a Hunger Games fan, feel free to design an outfit for any character you like!

Challenge 4: Write Something

Yes, it’s that easy.  We have seen some amazing writing from you guys this summer and we want to see more – so write us a poem, a short story, a chapter of your great Canadian novel, a letter, or anything at all.

Challenge 5: Read!

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” – Dr. Seuss. Comment and tell us how many hours you spent reading this week.  Must be at least 5!  Try these great books that were turned into movies:


Geek Week

On to Week 6! Don’t forget, you can go back and do challenges from weeks passed for a chance to win one of 4 $50 gift cards to Best Buy.


Challenge 1:  Face Book

Here’s your chance to be on a front cover!  Just take a bookface picture of yourself or a friend, like the ones above (hint – try biographies if you’re stuck, or check out this list on  Easy to do, but hard to do well!

Challenge 2: Fanfic

Be a fangirl or boy and write a short scene featuring your favourite characters.  For inspiration, check out Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirl!

Challenge 3:  Out of the Easy Art

This one’s going to be open to your interpretation.  Respond to Ruta Sepety’s Out of the Easy using anything but written words.  Could be a drawing, a video, digital art, music.  Be creative!

Challenge 4: What’s Your  Geek?tumblr_lz3a4aWyVI1r6wbm0o1_500

It’s time to unleash that geek inside of you.  Your geek = anything that you can geek about. One of our favourite YA authors, John Green, said it best (see the pic).  So tell us what it is you’re passionate about (in words, video, or pictures).  Geek examples: book nerds, transit enthusiasts, tabletop gamers, Harry Potter fanfic writers, LEGO builders.

Challenge 5: Read!

Comics, books, blogs, outside, on the couch, at the beach, early morning, during the middle of the night.  Just read.  At least 5 hours please.  Just comment and tell us how many hours you spent reading this week.

Mix it Up

I hate to say this…but we are into the second half of the summer.  Okay before you freak out, you still have one glorious month of sun, no school, and reading of course!  If you’re just logging on for the first time, there are still plenty of opportunities for prizes – feel free to go back and start at the beginning or start right here in the middle.  Every challenge you complete gives you a chance to win weekly prizes as well as one of four $50 gift cards to Best Buy.

Challenge 1:  Read!Untitled

Did you know reading can actually scientifically improve your life?  Buzzfeed will explain.  If
you choose this challenge, just tell us how many hours you spent reading this week (at least 5).

Challenge 2: Draw Something

I’m not talking about the app here.  This challenge is literally to draw something – anything.  We know there are some talented artists among you so show us something amazing.  It can be hand drawn, digital, painted – any medium you like.

Challenge 3:  Author-ity

Do you ever think about the people who write your favourite books?  Ever imagine having a cup of tea with Jane Austen, chilling with J.K. Rowling, or going bowling with John Green?  Here’s a chance to tell us all the details of your meeting with any author, living or dead.

Challencassette_stylisedge 4: Literary Mixtape

Do your parents have any old cassette tapes lurking around in the attic or basement?  Wait – do you guys even know what cassette tapes are?  Back in my day (*preachy voice*), before cassettes began to lose out to CDs, and later to digital technology, we used to make our own mixtapes.  You’d make it specifically for someone you cared about, choosing the songs and putting a ton of effort in to make sure it turned out just right.  Don’t worry, we’re not going to make you record songs from the radio, or send us an obsolete magnetic recording medium – just make a playlist of ten or so songs for your favourite character.  But – just like a mixtape, make sure you put a little heart into it.

Challenge 5: How To

Everyone has a hidden talent or odd hobby, and here’s how where you can let it shine.  Teach us how to do something cool – a magic trick, how to play the guitar, how to wiggle your ears – anything at all.  If you’re stumped, borrow a nonfiction book and learn how to do something, then show or tell us what you learned.