Week 4: Zombie Attack

It’s Week 4 now so most of you know the drill.  If you’re new to #TSRC feel free to start at the beginning or in the middle.  You can do any week’s challenges at any time for a chance to win in the grand prize draw.  The weekly draw, for separate prizes, will take place every Thursday.

Challenge images1:  Zombify!

I know the Kingston Zombie Walk isn’t until October, but we can’t have you relaxing when a zombie apocalypse could happen at any time!  You have to be ready to go.  So here’s the challenge: show us your best zombie version of something – take a pic of your best zombie make-up, or make or draw or write us a zombified version of anything at all (Pride and Prejudice and Zombies anyone?).

Challenge 2: Txt Us

Who has time for full sentences anymore?  Write us a story or conversation in text-message style or as a series of random post-it notes.  This is probably also good practice for the zombie apocalypse (you’ll need to communicate quickly with surviving family and friends) but your story does not necessarily need to be zombie-themed.

Challenge 3:  Making Movies

What do Divergent, The Fault in Our Stars, The Maze Runner, and If I Stay have in common?  All are YA books that have been made into movies or are about to be made into movies.   Is Hollywood missing a book that would make an amazing movie?  Make a movie poster for the book you wish was a movie, complete with your casting choices.

Challenge 4: Random Act of Kindness

Let’s make the world a better place this week and do something nice.  Here’s the challenge: perform a random act of kindness this week – big or small, anything at all, just make sure you put some heart into it – then tell us about it.

Challenge 5: Keep Calm and Read On.

I know it’s hard to keep calm in the face of a zombie attack but luckily the undead have not yet risen and you still have time to READ.  At least 5 hours please – it’s good for your braaaaains.  To complete this challenge just comment and tell us how many hours you’ve spent reading this week.

zombie books

Week 3: Unplug

I can’t believe it’s Week 3 already!  We are doing our weekly draws on Thursdays but you can still go back and do challenges from previous weeks for extra entries into our grand prize draw of 4 $50 gift cards to Best Buy.  One challenge completed = one entry.

Challenge 1: Unplplugugged

This is going to be a tricky challenge so be forewarned!  Out of the Easy, our book of the summer, takes place in the 1950s, in a time where…wait for it…there were no computers or cell phones.  Jo has to send letters or communicate in person for the most part because some people don’t even have a landline.  So here’s the challenge: for just one day turn off your phone, log off instagram, leave your ipod at home.  Now, take a deep breath…what will you do today?  Tell us all about your experience.

Challenge 2: Read

Okay so you’re about to unplug but you’re terrified because you have nothing to do?  What did we actually do before we had smartphones?  Put down that ipod and pick up a book!  To complete this challenge, just comment and tell us how many hours you spent reading this week.

Challenge 3:  And I Quote…augustus_waters_quote_the_fault_in_our_stars__by_sammytheseal13-d7c0u23

What’s your favourite quotation?  It can be from a book, movie, or game – anywhere at all –but it has to be something that moves you.   The kind of quote that you would get tattooed on your arm, or at least drawn on with a Sharpie.  There’s a catch though – you have to show us, not just write it down.  Turn your quote into a work of art – a drawing, photo, drawn on the computer with paint or photoshop etc.  Just don’t get a tattoo and blame it on us!

Challenge 4: Alternate Ending

Did the ending of Divergent drive you berserk? Have you yelled at the screen when a movie derailed right at the end?  There’s something so frustrating about making your way through an awesome book or movie only to have the conclusion disappoint you.  Well, you don’t have to sit back and take it – do something about it!  Write an alternate ending to your favourite flawed masterpiece that would make the author or director weep with regret.

Challenge 5: Takil-fullxfull-sre a Shelfie

No, I did not mean to type selfie.  Urban dictionary defines shelfie as “A picture or portrait of your bookshelf. Showcasing literature IN ALL IT’S GLORY! (This term was originally defined by author Rick Riordan).”  So take a shelfie and tell us how you organize your books.



Welcome to Week 2! We will be having our weekly prize draw on Thursdays but you are welcome to go back and complete challenges from previous weeks for entries into the grand prize draw. Remember, you get one entry for every completed challenge.

Challenge 1: See You on Thursday @ Turner
Drop in at Isabel Turner Library on Thursday between 6 and 8:30. We will have delicious snacks, Minecraft, duct tape art, arduinos, a movie, Xbox One etc. To complete this challenge, tell us one thing you liked or didn’t like about what was offered OR give us one good idea of something we could do for teen programming at the Library if you can’t make it this time.

Challenge 2: Bookphoto-1-1024x1024 (1) Spine Poetry
Save me/before I fall
Under the never sky,

Stack them up, and then read the titles. Got it? Snap a pic and post it. Be creative!

Challenge 3: Make Something!
Anything! Just send us a photo of a DIY project you’ve made – cooking, sewing, coding, woodworking, knitting, or whatever – and tell us all about it.

Challenge 4: Tweet it, Facebook it, Snapchat it, Instagram it!
We want to spread the word about #TSRC and you’re going to do it for us! This challenge involves using your social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to share info about the Teen Summer Reading Challenge. Post one of the challenges you’ve completed with the hashtag #TSRC to whatever social media you use and take a screenshot of your post to prove it. Upload your screenshot to this blog and voila, you’re done. BONUS: you can do this challenge more than once for extra chances to win.

Challenge 5: READ, READ, and READ again.
Same as last week, read anything, any way, and anywhere. Five hours is your minimum. Here are 5 books to fill your 5 hours. To complete this challenge, just comment and tell us how many hours you spent reading this week.





Summer is finally here and that means it’s time for Teen Summer Reading Challenge! You’ll have a choice of challenges each week – all you have to do is complete one to get an entry into the contest. Of course, the more challenges you complete, the greater the chance you have to win.

Challenge 1: READ!

This is the easiest possible challenge – all you have to do is read, whatever you want, wherever you want, however you want – we won’t judge. You have to read for at least 5 hours to be entered in the draw. To complete this challenge, just comment and tell us how many hours you spent reading this week.

TeenSRC-Week-1-2Challenge 2: Opening Lines

“It has been sixty-four years since the president and the Consortium identified love as a disease, and forty-three since scientists perfected a cure.” That’s the first line of Delirium by Lauren Oliver, a great read for those of you who loved Divergent.
What’s your favourite opening line? It can be from a book, a movie, or even a game.
Comment on the blog to enter.

Challenge 3: Summer Reading List

So many books, so little time! Make a list of the ten (or more!) books you can’t wait to read this summer. Post your list in a comment on the blog.TeenSRC-Week-1-1

Challenge 4: Come Visit Us!

If you’re going to be reading this summer, you’ll need to get your books somewhere right? Visit us and take a pic of your Library to prove you were there.
Upload your pic directly to the comment or link us to your pic on Instagram or Tumblr.

Challenge 5: Read our One Book, One Summer

You voted for Out of the Easy by Ruth Sepetys as the book of the summer and we want you to read it! Complete this challenge by telling us one thing you liked or didn’t like about the book. Watch for more challenges related to this book throughout the summer!

***And don’t forget to tell your friends!***

We want to get as many teens as possible on board this summer, so refer a friend and let us know for extra chances to win. If you’re sharing this on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Tumblr, use the hash tag #TSRC.

Teen Summer Reading Challenge

We’ve decided to mix up the Teen Summer Reading Challenge this year and throw more prizes into the mix!  Let’s get our read on.

How it Works:

1) Register for our blog.

2) Starting Wednesday, July 2, I will be posting a 3-5 challenges per week. One will always involve reading, but others will add some drawing, writing, and making into the mix.

3) Completing a challenge or commenting on the blog gives you an entry in the weekly prize draws AND the grand prize draw.

4) If you refer a friend and comment on the blog, saying that you referred them, you both get an extra entry.


Every week, we will have books up for grabs and then at the end of the summer, you have a chance to win one of 4 $50 Best Buy gift cards.  The more you participate, the better chance you have of winning!

One Book, One Summer

Don’t forget to reserve our Book of the Summer: OUT OF THE EASY by Ruth Sepetys.

And the Winner is…(drumroll)

…OUT OF THE EASY by Ruta Sepetys for ‘One Summer, One Book’ @ the Kingston Frontenac Public Library.  Thanks for voting.  Reserve your copy today,

Out of the Easy

“Out of Easy” was voted as one of the top Teen Books for 2013.  It’s a historical mystery with pizazz.  Set in 1950s New Orleans and starring Josie Moraine, a 17 year old daughter of a brothel prostitute, “Out of the Easy” will grab you from the first page.

Read “Out of the Easy” to participate in Kingston Frontenac Public Library’s Teen Summer Reading Club!  There are four Best Buy gift cards on the table.  Each week, I’ll be posting challenges related to “Out of the Easy”.  You get a chance to win for every comment that you post starting now!  If you refer a friend and he/she comments with your name, I’ll give each of you an extra ballot.  Happy reading!

Digital Content @ KFPL

Did you know KFPL has popular new releases in e-book/e-audiobook format?  Perfect for summer vacations and road trips!  We continue to add new titles every month, so check the site regularly.

Find titles by accessing our homepage http://www.kfpl.ca/, and clicking Overdrive.kfpl.ca (on the right hand side)

E-Books include:

{4F6F91E4-657D-4D77-A30C-3FA09FDA1EB8}Img150The One by Keira Cass (The Selection Series, Book 3)

Dreams of Gods and Monsters by Laini Taylor (Daughter of Smoke & Bone Series, Book 3)

Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige (Dorothy Must Die Series, Book 1)


E-Audiobooks include:

Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell

Curtsies & Conspiracies by Gail Carriger (Finishing School Series, Book 2)

These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman {AE816CDE-A2A3-4ABD-9C41-34A75D2CD619}Img150


You may have to place a hold on some of these popular titles.  If you’re looking for something to download immediately, click ‘Show Me -> Available Now’.  You can have 10 titles checked out at a time.

If you have questions about downloading books, let me know! Or you can register for the free Overdrive Information session on Monday, June 9.  Find out more here.



Scholastic #IreadYA Contest

Blog Posts

Win an prize pack (YA tote bag, YA tumbler and 11 incredible books!) from Scholastic Canada. 


Better Off Friends by Elizabeth Eulberg 
Hidden Like Anne Frank: 14 True Stories of Survival by Peler Henk Steenhuis and Marcel Prins 
The List by Siobhan Vivian 
The Killing Woods by Lucy Christopher
The Opposite of Geek by Ria Voros
Defy by Sara B. Larson
In the Shadows by Kiersten White  and Jim Di Bartolo
Summer Days, Starry Nights by Vikki VanSickle
Born Confused by Tanuja Desai Hidier
Threatened by Eliot Schrefer
Fire & Flood by Victoria Scott 

Hurry! Contest runs until June 1. Click through to enter: http://iread.ca/s/ireadya


YMCA Summer Work Student Exchange

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ymcaymcaymcaaymca ymca

Have you heard about the YMCA Summer Work Student Exchange?  It’s a national, non-profit program offering opportunities for youth to gain work experience while exploring another part of Canada and improving their second official language skills.

The YMCA Summer Work Student Exchange (SWSE) is a six-week summer program for 16- and 17-year-old youth.  In Kingston, each English-speaking participant is matched with a French-speaking participant from Québec, and the two youth are hosted in each other’s homes to deepen their cultural experience (in situations where a participant’s family is unable to host, the YMCA seeks alternate hosts).  Youth are also provided with a full-time summer job in the non-profit or public sector of the local community in which they are being hosted, and are paid the provincial minimum wage (subsidized by the YMCA). This aspect of the program gives participants invaluable work experience in day camps, child care centres, museums, libraries, offices, and other settings, as well as a chance to use their second official language in practical situations on a daily basis.  All participants, families, and employers will receive support from a YMCA Local Coordinator.  During weekends and some evenings, the youth will join their Local Coordinator in group activities to explore their new community and form lasting friendships.

If you are a student interested in participating in the program, please go to : www.summer-work.com and submit a student application.

For more information, contact the Local Coordinator of Kingston, Belleville & Trenton, Galen Watts @ 613-483-0304 or Belleville-Trenton.SWSE@ymcagta.org



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Free Comic Book Day is THIS SATURDAY! Since 2002, participating comic book shops around the world give away comic books absolutely FREE to anyone who comes into their stores.

I’ve just confirmed that 4 COLOUR 8-BIT COMICS & GAMES will be participating. You can find them @ 346 Princess St. Kingston.  613-542-1200.

Visit the Free Comic Book Day webpage to see the list of available comics this year! Titles include:  Guardians of Galaxy, TRANSFORMERS VS GI JOE & HELLO KITTY and Friends. 
What’s your favourite comic/graphic novel? If it’s missing from the KFPL collection, let us know! Patrons can suggest up to 3 titles per month via our Suggest a Purchase form.